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The National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) is a voluntary organisation set up in 1994 to restore a visual watch along UK shores after many Coastguard stations were closed. In 1994 when two fishermen lost there lives off the Cornish coast below a recently closed lookout, local people decided to open and restore the visual watch. When the first station was opened at Bass Point on the Lizard, NCI was born. Today some 50 stations keep a visual watch around the coastline of England and Wales.


In August 2016 NCARS operated special event stations alongside the lookouts at East Runton and Mundesley on the Norfolk Coast - to help raise awareness of the work of the NCI.

In 2017 NCARS will be operating Coastwatch stations over the weekend of 15/16 July and it is hoped that other clubs and individual amateurs will set up stations alongside NCI lookouts around the country. Not only will you be raising awareness of NCI but you will have a great day of radio - given the propogation you can experience with antennas set up close to the sea.

If you are interested in participating you can find a list of the NCI lookouts at or contact NCARS through this website.


Additional to the NCI lookout there are a further seven on the East Coast of England operated by the Sea Safety Group - check if one of these is near to you - -

Also check the Coastwatch stations in Scotland

Coastwatch special event station on the cliff top at Mundesley
Special event station with Mundesley Coastwatch lookout in the background
G4PQP operating the special event station alongside the NCI lookout on the cliff top at East Runton
The NCI lookout on the cliff top at East Runton - Cromer Pier can be seen in the distance and between is G4PQP and the 20m vertcal dipole of the NCARS station

Participating Stations  2017


Location                          Club                       Call

Mundesley   Norfolk          Norfolk Coast ARS          GB2MCW

East Runton Norfolk          Norfolk Coast ARS          GB2RCW

Sheringham Norfolk          Norfolk Coast ARS           MX0NCA

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